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We encourage each other.  We inspire each other.  We hold each other accountable.

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We believe consistent exercise is the secret to achieving the results you deserve.  We are here to guide, motivate and inspire you to stick to your goals.

Improving our clients’ strength, flexibility, health, mindset  and focus is our mission.  The work you put in with us will flow into the rest of your day, everyday.  Come feel the difference in your energy, confidence, congnitive function and much more.

You will not be an anonymous member.  We pay attention to your attendance, customize your workouts when necessary, and even offer to come over and raid your fridge – upon request of course.  Think of us as a fitness support group.  We are here to push each other to a healthier version of ourselves.

Positive reinforcement is our staple.  Students share a healing and challenging fitness experience. You will never be alone here.  Your trainers and classmates will keep you on track.    If you are looking for a boot camp that screams in your face to keep going, you have come to the wrong place.

We wholeheartedly believe in our fitness programs and want to share our passion, expertise and success with you!


Plyo Classes

Plyometrics involves active muscle contraction and joint performance in an explosive manner through unique combinations of jumping exercises. Perfect for those looking to tone up, lose weight, increase flexibility and expand on functional movements to apply to hobbies and interests.

Weightlifting Classes

Safely and efficiently lift free weights while learning proper form and the art of being consistent.  Paired with nutritional guidance, our program is perfect for those looking to build and bulk muscle mass and develope a stronger core.





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