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Once I’ve committed to a class time, may switch to another time down the line?
You can absolutely switch to a different class time.  Whether you need to switch for the day, or permanetly, we will work with you to find a time that works.  However, these time changes depend on class capacity.  All these changes can be made through our amazing PlyoFitness app or in person at the gym.


What do I need to bring to class everyday?
Wear work out attire and a vessel for water.  We have water dispensors and provide sweat towels and shower towels.


Is a nutritional guide included in the course?
Absolutely! Every student will receive a nutritional guide, along with recipes, do’s and don’ts list and consistant personal consultations to help you stay on track.


What happens if I don’t show up to a class or If I plan to travel while enrolled in a course?
At Plyo Fitness, we believe in consistency and accountability. If you plan on missing a class, going on vacation or work travel, please notify your trainer. We will provide a detailed workout plan while you are away. Once you’ve been enrolled in the class you’ll understand the format and we expect you to continue your workout even while away.


Do I have to be at a certain fitness level to enroll?
No. All courses are designed for all ages and fitness levels. We know this is a huge decision and commitment you are about to make.  Our trainers can modify any workout to accomidate your personal needs.  If you have any injuries or conditions please let us know so we can make adjustments to a workout where ever necessary.