Alessandra is our Yoga and Meditation instructor here at PLYO FITNESS. Her loving and positive attitude makes for very uplifting classes. Alessandra started practicing yoga 10 years ago in college. Her first classes were Bikram yoga, moving to hot yoga, and then Vinyasa. Throughout all these years, she’s practiced a variety of yoga styles, including Hatha yoga. Because of this, she has put together all her experiences and created her own style of teaching that focus on the needs of her students, helping them learn about themselves and giving them tools to deal with anything that comes their way…connecting mind, body and soul.
Alessandra also started meditating and learning about breathing techniques about 4 years ago, completely changing her perspective on life and herself. Since it was such an impactful experience, she loves sharing what she has learned with her students as she continues to grow with them. She truly believes she learns as much from her students as they learn from her. So, if you’re looking for a safe and loving space to learn more about yourself, to challenge and take care of your body, and to explore your mind, Alessandra’s classes are the ones for you.