Once I’ve reserved a class time, may I switch to another time later?

You can absolutely switch to a different class time and even reserve your classes weeks in advance. All these changes can be made through our Plyo Fitness app or in person at the front desk. Please note that we charge a $10 cancellation fee if it occurs 45 minutes before class.

What do I need to bring to class every day?

Wear workout attire and bring a vessel for water so you stay hydrated. We have dispensers of alkaline water 9.5ph and provide sweat towels and shower towels.

Do my membership credits roll over?

All membership credits must be used within 4 weeks of your scheduled billing date, and they do not roll over. However, we do offer class packages that you may use anytime.

How do I cancel or freeze my membership?

All memberships require a 30 day cancelation notice through e-mail. If you would like to freeze your membership, please submit a freeze notice. All cancelation and freeze notices will be billed one last time, and you may use your final month at a later date. Please note that your final month must remain unused in order to use them at a future date.

Do I have to be at a certain fitness level to sign up?

No. All sessions are designed for all ages and fitness levels. We know this is a huge decision and commitment you are about to make. Our trainers can modify any workout to accommodate your personal needs. If you have any injuries or conditions, please let us know so we can make adjustments to a workout wherever necessary.

Do you have Student, Senior, or Military Discounts?

Yes! We offer a 25% discount to students, seniors, and members of the military.